Hello, World!

Hello, world! Nice to meet you, I go by the name of Hassaku.

I am a new graduate who started working as a Network Engineer from April 2020, after graduating from graduate school.

This website, “Daily Hassaku” is just an ordinary website where a newbie network engineer records his daily thoughts and experiences.

During my undergraduate and graduate school years, I have been majoring in chemistry, hence I started studying networking after I started working. I decided it might be a good idea to record my studies as blog posts so I can actually output what I have learned. It would be also nice if anyone finds this website helpful for their network studies.

Of course, I won’t always be talking about my studies, but also about my hobbies as well. Starting with my favorite Japanese idol group Nogizka 46, I am planning to write about technology and gadgets, photography, video editing, and sports. Maybe even about quantum chemistry, which is what I did research on during my years as a graduate student.

I am not used to writing, so I hope I can improve through writing articles on this website. It is also my first time managing a website, so I hope I can gradually make this website more user friendly.

I don’t know if there would be anyone out there who will be surfing this website, but I plan to just enjoy the time writing my daily thoughts and experiences both professional and private.

Thanks for reading!